This is how I roll cat shirt

It is a fact that Sanjay Gandhi used to constantly blackmail his mother Indira Gandhi, with the This is how I roll cat shirt but in fact I love this secret of who his real father is. Sanjay exercised deep emotional control over his mother, which he often misused. Indira Gandhi chose to ignore his misdeeds and he was indirectly controlling the Government. When the news of Sanjay Gandhi’s death reached Indira Gandhi, her first question was “Where are his keys and his wrist watch?” Some deep secrets about the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty seemed to be hidden in those objects.The plane accident was also mysterious. It was a new plane that nosedived to a crash and yet the plane did not explode upon impact. This happens when there is no fuel. But the flight register shows that the fuel tank was made full before take-off. Indira Gandhi, using undue influence of the PM’s office prohibited any inquiry from taking place. The British Royal Family has never been particularly inbred. Their are Royal princesses and also a lot of commoners with surnames of Smith or Jones in the royal family tree. One branch of the British Royal Family the Mountbatten line are descendants of princess Pochahantas. (I know I’ve spelt that wrong I am dyslexic!) the Royal Family Of Sweden is descendants from Jean Baptiste Bernadotte a French Marshall. They married into other royal families to make themselves ‘more royal’. The German royal families had ideas of equal marriage as in marriage to royalty only. However with morganatic (marriage to non royals) marriages and descendants of morganatic marriages marrying back into the main royal line again a lot of ‘new blood’ was introduced to those royal families. I can finally spend time with friends without having my cell phone blow up with repeated requests to come home. Anyone I date has been told to never text or call me when I’m out with friends or I’m done. I always let them know I’m out with friends so they don’t unwittingly break the rule. I give them that same respect.. If they call my home number and I answer, great. If I don’t answer, leave a message and I’ll call back when I’m able. All of my voicemails are forwarded to my cell phone. I might send a fast text to tell you I’m out with friends and will call tomorrow. Don’t start calling all over hell’s half acre looking for me. I could just be in the back yard playing with my dog having some “me” time.

This is how I roll cat shirt

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