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However, there are times in winter when I put it on full cold Kurt Cobain Nirvana with a gun shirt and I actually get brain freeze and numb fingers trying to shampoo my hair. My eyebrows ache like hell and I cannot feel my face. So I figure that is too cold. As a result, I do turn the dial just slightly toward the left to take the chill off just a bit when that happens. I still react with a little shock when I step into it, and my skin still has a warm red glow to it when I come out, so it is still cold enough to give me the positive effects. I think you can still do a cold shower that way…just as long as you do not fool yourself by adding so much warmth to it that you make it lukewarm. It has to be cold when you step in. A hat, scarf, and neoprene facemask are necessary to prevent frostbite. I have had minor frostbite a few times. Fortunately, after a few weeks, the cells heal.

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Kurt Cobain Nirvana with a gun shirt

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Because concrete contains water, there is always a risk of freezing and other side effects that are not good for the concrete. The specification for the Idaho Transportation Department requires that cold weather concrete specifications be followed when the ambient temperature falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Most chickens will be just fine down to about -15 or -20 degrees Fahrenheit, as long as they can stay dry and out of the wind and constantly have fresh, non-icy, water. When you heat the chicken coop, you’re causing the chickens to go outside in the cold, then come into a heated building. Think about how you’d feel if you came in from the cold and couldn’t take your coat off—you’d feel overheated very quickly. Unless your area gets very cold, don’t add supplemental heat to your coop. As the days get colder moving into winter, the chickens’ bodies will adapt and they will be fine.

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