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Think of your base color as the Friday scuba diving shirt and I love this foundation of your final result. “It’s like a fabulous canvas on which to enhance with whatever you please, akin to makeup over gorgeous skin,” says Cornwall. When selecting a color for a client, he considers what colors and tones will be most flattering to their skin and eye tones. “A shade of pink with lavender will create an alluring draw for blue eyes, while a sunset pink adds a wash of warmth to skin like your own personal golden hour filter,” explains Cornwall. For a more natural-looking effect, a go-to trick at the Bleach London salon is using a hint of golden color, like that from Bleach London’s Just Like Honey Super Cool Color with a dye to add a more diffused, filter-like effect. “If you use it by itself, Just Like Honey creates a soft golden color on blondes, but you can try mixing 1 part Awkward Peach with 3 parts of it for a subtle peachy filter on blonde hair,” Brownsell says. Another thing to consider when choosing a shade is that warm colors (pink, red, orange, yellow) fade better and quicker, while cool colors (blue, green, violet) will stick around longer.

Friday scuba diving shirt

After using a semi-permanent dye, you’re going want to keep your color as bright and saturated as possible. The most effective way to do so is using color-safe hair products. “As with all delicate hair colors, the Friday scuba diving shirt and I love this detergents in your shampoo are the culprits for fading pigments,” explains Cornwall, who recommends his clients avoid harsher sudsy products and opt for a natural hair cleanser, like Act & Acre’s Hair Cleanse shampoo, which effectively banishes dirt and grime and keeps gentle tones in tact. Another thing to keep in mind is that water can interfere with hair color, too, and reducing washes will help prolong color. “You would be amazed at what a simple chlorine filter on your shower would do for your hair and skin,” says Cornwall. “I recommend that especially for older buildings or anywhere with heavy minerals in the water.” For Brownsell, another important step is toning your hair color to get rid of brassiness—especially for naturally blonde or bleached hair. “Even if you’re already a light or bleached blonde, toning will remove brassy or yellow hues to create a clean blonde for your color,” she explains. “If there’s a lot of warmth in your blonde, the undertones will turn pinks to peach, or add a green hue to blues and purples.”

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