Mars Landing 0355PM Feb 18 2021 shirt

If I baked a big batch of brownies Mars Landing 0355PM Feb 18 2021 shirt and just before you were going to take a bite I said “I added a tiny little bit of something… just a little bit of dog excrement I took from the garden.” would you eat? Sin is terribly deceptive: pleasurable for a time, but it will lead you down to a place you don’t want to go. You’ll be mired there, like waste deep in tar or quicksand. Chained like a slave. Unable to free yourself. Take heed: sin is crouching at your door. It desires to have you. We were created with a void inside us reserved for God alone. Without Him, a vacuum is created. You’ll try to fill it with all kinds of worldly pleasures, but nothing will satisfy for long. Those things (anything that feels good) become addictions: cravings increase while your level of satisfaction simultaneously decreases.

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Mars Landing 0355PM Feb 18 2021 shirt

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Wrists are the same skin as the belly. Do you know what the difference is? How people judge it. In other words: judging belly skin to be visible as a bad thing, is a subjective thing. If wrists are allowed, why not collar bones? Why not the belly? Why not 3/4th of your leg? In Africa, there are tribes in which everyone, including women, just wears loin clothes. They show not only most of their skin but also their breasts. They are not more barbaric than we are. Just different. I grew up in the Netherlands, where I have not ever been judged on what I was wearing. I wore dresses but did not shave my legs, I have not ever heard anyone comment on it (except one girlfriend), I wore small tops with spaghetti strings and no bra, short skirts, and I cycled through Amsterdam in the middle of the night, and not ever have I heard anyone tell me that I looked like a slut, nor have I ever been treated like one. Yes, there is rape in the Netherlands too, but victim-blaming is highly unusual.


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