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My mom had me at 13 because she was raped by her dad and she lived in an area where abortion was greatly discouraged. Lived with her grandma and my grandma. She tried her best to raise me but she was just too young to do anything significant. I remember with great remorse that she always worked 2 jobs to try and support me. My mom was a saint, she treated me like the most precious thing of her life. I was very good academically compared to my peers , though I didn’t realize how much it made my mom happy that time. This was during my high school. I wanted to make my momma happy that’s all I cared for that time. She used to watch me study late nights till 2 in the morning though I had school on 9 am. She told me “ Promise me that you will stay strong. You wake up every morning to fight the demons that left you so tired the night before, and that my love, is bravery .

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Though I didn’t understand what was her thoughts that time, I told her not to worry about anything and go to sleep. She was never abusive or strict towards me, she would often spoil me rotten, she loved me a lot and I loved her. My grandma died when I was pretty young and eventually we were on our own and it put a lot of stress on my mom. She was depressed and tired. Nothing had gone right in her life. She had no education or pension. She wasn’t able to find husband because her situation was really undesirable and she worked 6 days a week and just didn’t have time or energy to socialize. She didn’t have any friends and I was all she ever had but she never took it out on me.

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