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Most of these sources are finite or the equipment to install is costly and of course few are not economical. That is why these many fights between the states for electricity exist. The steam is created by the burning of coal (1st block in the above fig) or other fossil fuels in massive boilers (2nd block in the above fig). In the case of hydroelectricity, the force of rushing water turns the turbines. This turns the rotor inside the turbine. The other end of the rotor inside the turbine is connected to the shaft which spins the magnets with a coil inside the generator. Then the electricity is routed onto a network of high-voltage transmission lines capable of efficiently transporting electricity over long distances from the grids where the electricity is generated by different sources. Protein powder is a dietary supplement for people who are trying to gain muscle through strength-training programs, and it can also be used in weight-loss shakes.

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Whole Lotta Bernie mittens Bern shirt

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Protein is a crucial part of everyone’s diet, and athletic people may even need a little more protein than sedentary people, but using protein in its supplemental form can increase your risk of accidentally consuming too much and causing physical damage. Your body uses protein as energy for its cells, and it also uses it to build muscle. However, your body is limited in the amount of energy and muscle it can store from protein. If you take in more protein than your body actually needs – which is easy to do with protein powder – your body won’t use it to build muscle or store it for later use. Extra protein converts into fat, and your body stores it that way as excess pounds. The body’s fat storage capacity is limitless. Taking too much of a protein powder supplement can increase your risk of dehydration. When your body metabolizes protein, it uses extra water to properly use and eliminate protein byproducts. If you’re using protein powder to enhance muscle gains through exercise, you’re at an even greater risk of dehydration because exercise induces excess fluid loss through perspiration.

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