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For the first months, many people will be involved in accumulating decent amounts of food, coming from fishing (basics tools can be made without so much problem Kansas City Chiefs all-time great signatures shirt. Nets are extremely handy, and you just need ropes that you can do from some plants), bushing and hunting. Many people mean not everyone. People in the best physical shape should be in charge of doing this. Without modern medicine, humans will die quite easily in some cases, due to infections or viral attacks. This makes that the botanist of the group is extremely useful since in the beginning, the few medicines available will be coming from plants. Cultivating Penicillium is not hard either, and people can just drink a beverage made of it. The loss of a human would be equivalent here to the loss of the Alexander Library so this is the most important thing to do, even before doing any practical invents. The first thing to do is putting in some kind of media all the information contained in the brain of the experts.

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Each day people should learn from other people and teach to other people in an intensive way so that if an accident comes to one of them, its knowledge is not completely lost. Of course, one of the main libraries will be the memory of the individual human beings. People will memorize loads of information by heart, and people with some knowledge about mnemonics will be highly appreciated. Don’t underestimate the capacity of the human brain. This is a hard part, but only people from different ethnicities should be allowed to procreate if we want to avoid the burden of a lot of genetic diseases in a few generations. Women at fertile ages must begin having children, at a quick rate. Much better if the children come from different fathers. They must spend most of their time writing down their knowledge because the danger of dying giving birth is high, so their knowledge mustn’t be lost.

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