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But then along came Stacey Abrams. The former Georgia state representative, gubernatorial candidate, and political powerhouse who helped turn Georgia blue is also a successful romance novelist with eight books penned under her nom de plume Selena Montgomery. Abrams is loudly and proudly a member of the Freeloadin’ Pancreas shirt Furthermore, I will do this romance community, saying in interviews that she is “honored” to be considered in the company of her fellow romance authors.

Freeloadin' Pancreas shirt

“She embodies what we think of as our community internally rather than how we’re seen externally,” says romance author Courtney Milan (whose book The Duke Who Didn’t is on The New York Times list of 100 notable books of 2020). “We’re here to go to bat for her because she is what we think romance novelists can do, and we want to support that.”

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