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At some point, people will start creating some kind of steam machines God first family second then Kansas City Chiefs football shirt, to fabricate different pieces, tools, or whatever. Really easy steam machines in the beginning, but thanks to a positive feedback loop, they could become really handy and complex in a short time. I don’t think this happens 150 years after foundation. But I don’t see why this would happen much later. Well, first you have to change your mindset. I know we were talking just a little while ago about people bushing for survival, so this might make some elbows rise. But take into account that we are talking about very capable individuals, that they do have the knowledge and they do know where they are going. It is not like a complete restart of civilization from zero. Take into account that people that know how to do things will try to do these things, especially if they are hard, simply because they know that those things can be made.

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So the use of electricity in the very beginning would be having lamps (and for now we must create light bulbs, not a trivial task, I know). But very a few years later the very good craftsmen in this society would fabricate tools that work with electricity. This changes the rules forever. Thanks to the chemists we will have available anesthesia, which makes things much better for all of us. However, will be rather far from the current progress of medicine, with very rudimentary tools. (so forget about NMR) People with diseases would suffer much more than people in our days. Doctors would do their best with very few resources. If you have a complicated thing, you can say goodbye. The development of medicine will be very very dependent on the development of chemistry. Both professionals would probably have strong bonds.

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