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It was probably the greatest affront to liberty every passed by Congress. But it’s still on the books Buffalo Raise The Red Flags Tampa Bay Buccaneers shirt, and people are still being prosecuted for violating it. It was passed during one of those ugly times of mass hysteria when America is at war abroad and gets all worked up about domestic traitors. We had a smaller version of this in the lead up to the Iraq War. Dissent is silenced and laws that curb civil liberties are passed, never to be repealed. I think this very much depends on the emotions concerned and the circumstances in which they have evolved. Added to this would be each individual’s responses to how they deal with emotional outcomes. To my mind, it is not so much an ‘either/or’ situation. I am quite an emotional person, so if something comes up in my life, as often does, of an emotional nature, and it is quite a significant circumstance, usually I will react. I do not necessarily agree with your chart format.

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Buffalo Raise The Red Flags Tampa Bay Buccaneers shirt

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I am a very self-aware person who is hardly ever impulsive, but I guess the bottom bit would kick in where I would be a little off-balance, troubled and unsettled. However, after the initial shock, I would maintain my equilibrium and move on towards the ‘respond angle’ deliberating, understanding, and resolving. So both reacting and responding would be prevalent in my case. Others probably may well handle things differently, as we all have different levels of sensitivity. All the above Kabir Sahib came in the Bhakti era i.e. in the medieval period of our history. His unique and valuable Kabir Vani/poetry is an invaluable treasure to the literary world. Also, many secrets are hidden in those poems/ Kabir Vani also famous as Kabir Amrit Vani, what did Lord Kabir try to teach through his poems. We have been listening to Kabir Ji’s poems since our childhood days.

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