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The bottom line is this. The whole question of Nirvana(or any other band) being overrated is pointless Spongebob Squarepants Plankton Valentines shirt. Anyone with any intelligence knows it’s just a matter of personal opinion. The people who march up and down saying “Nirvana’s overrated!” are just cool people trying to show off how cool they are. They’re trying to give their self-esteem a boost by convincing themselves and others that their musical taste makes them superior to other people. If I don’t like a band, I just don’t listen to them. Problem solved. It doesn’t make me angry when people like something I don’t like. If it makes you angry, maybe you should ask yourself why. One day, my dad asked me to explain what grunge was. He’s strictly old-school and doesn’t get all these new-fangled labels people are always making up. I was trying to explain it to him in terms he could understand, when he finally just said, “To me, it just sounds like good old rock n’ roll.” Which I think sums it up pretty well.

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Spongebob Squarepants Plankton Valentines shirt

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Rush, frankly, is a bit weird, at the best of times. Much of what they do musically is most interesting if you have a degree in music theory. If you don’t, it’s just, well, weird. There’s a certain set of people, mostly younger ones, that sort of exuding this hipster vibe when it comes to Rush. They really don’t get it, but they try so hard to pretend they do, and that’s not cool. I think Neil Peart is the best percussionist (not merely a drummer)who’s ever lived, and Alex Lifeson is my favorite rock guitarist. Technically, what they did on stage sets the standard for being amazing. Not just in terms of musicianship, but other aspects as well… The sets, the way they craft their sound… They were at a whole different level. Nobody really plays there. Of course, what you see on a runway at a Paris fashion show absolutely drives what happens in the rest of the world, and what Rush did absolutely had an influence on the rest of the music world.

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