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It’s the nature of the league NFL Super Bowl LV Conference Champions 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers shirt. The only way to a 13-3 record is by dealing out 13 losses. Buyer beware: there are many ways to lose money with a business, but history shows that most NFL teams are good investments, no matter how the “product” performs. Owners get so much revenue just from TV money that there is rarely a good reason to sell that team. If you think I’m saying it’s hard to build a successful franchise, I am. But its also easy to be awful. Well, for one thing, therapy may be one of the only spaces in your life in which it really is “all about you.” It is a psychological space where you can explore your experience without needing to be careful not to offend others, where you can express your feelings without fretting about how your feelings will be received by others, where you can learn to see yourself and your world more clearly.

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Another reason may be the way in which your therapist reacts to you — interested in you, caring about you but not attached — providing you feedback that is not conditioned by the typical relationships we have — your therapist is not your father or mother or boss or sister or brother, etc — your therapist has a very structured relationship with you, which helps you to feel safe enough to pursue your therapeutic goals. And of course, your therapist is uninterested in judging you (which is kind of worth the price of admission in itself!). A third reason therapy maybe your favorite place ever is that the relationship you have with your therapist maybe, well, fun. Because the psychological space is safe, is structured, and your confidentiality is protected, you may feel more able to drop whatever costume you generally show up in as you encounter others, and experience the great relief of just being yourself.


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