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In this case, the mashed potato (or baked potato) is a particular dish LIV Super Bowl LV Kansas City vs Tampa Bay Chiefs vs Buccaneers 2021 shirt or meal that is being referenced. (It doesn’t mean you are getting one potato that has been mashed; it means you are getting one serving of a potato dish.) In my experience, being the emotional wreck I am, dealing with a tv show, a trilogy, or even a 3-hour movie’s end, feels like dealing with a beloved one’s death. For as long as you’ve been watching, you have related with this character, you’ve shipped them with someone and you have been angry every time they did something stupid. You have cried your eyes out when someone important to them died. You have felt all kinds of shit, you thought you were incapable of feeling. Most of all this tv show or movie or book became a piece of your heart.

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LIV Super Bowl LV Kansas City vs Tampa Bay Chiefs vs Buccaneers 2021 shirt

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You knew it would eventually end when you engaged to watch it, but you choose to ignore it and enjoy yourself throughout it. Just the same as when you engage in any type of relationship with someone. And, of course, once it ends it feels like that piece of your heart shreds and nothing seems to feel the void. You want to go through that experience again, but of course, you can’t watch it all over again, you want it to feel new and fresh. And you can’t watch another show, because nothing will be ever as good. You suddenly wish there was a button you could press to forget all of it, so you can experience the same shit ton of feelings once more. For me there are two ways to deal with, shall we call it a death” of a beloved tv show, book, franchise, movie, even fanfiction, that are pretty similar. First, think about how it ended. Was it good and happy or bad and sad? Then, think about the genre of the movie, think like a critique.


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