Frog don’t ever put me in a situation shirt

That takes care of him. Now here’s something for you to realize Frog don’t ever put me in a situation shirt. He can’t actually stop you from going. Well, not without committing a felony anyway. I hope that little joke I just made is just a joke. If you are honestly scared physically for yourself, I hope you’ll recognize this situation as the learning experience it is and get out. If not, I hope you will realize you have agency and power all your own, and you don’t have to give in to the demands of others, especially if they are as unreasonable as this one is. My favorite artists don’t normally play where I live, so what I do is I set notifications in at least 3 other nearby cities where they’re most likely to play. Based on the locations you save, it will also present you with a list of all the upcoming tour dates of artists you like and even events that are happening around you that you might be interested in. 

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Frog don’t ever put me in a situation shirt

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You can then see a map of the location of each concert, see who else is playing at the show, and add it directly to your device’s calendar with one tap. It’s pretty normal to enjoy watching characters face adversity in stories, even gratifying to watch them suffer severe injuries and emotional trauma, both of which are things that either lend themselves to creating drama or are illustrative of it. This often leads those suffering from Munchausen to become willing and even eager to seek out extensive medical procedures that they don’t need, going to elaborate lengths to fake symptoms and even really poison and injure themselves. It is a self-destructive disorder born out of an all too human vulnerability. Now, this isn’t to say you have Munchausen. I can’t make that diagnosis because I am, in fact, a video game programmer and not a psychiatrist. This could be just a very human sensation of… envy, I suppose, for something you see that you wish you yourself could experience, or a personal sense of reward-driven by empathy for your favorite characters.


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