Nba celtics players vote shirt

Easier said than done. While I love getting dressed up more than most things in life, even the Nba celtics players vote shirt In addition,I will do this most flamboyant of peacocks have to enjoy the cozy comforts of home. So, I had to find a happy balance between getting dressed each day to feel professional, focused, and myself and leaning in to the fact that I didn’t feel the need to put on a heel or a waist-cinching belt to feel put together. (For those of you who do, more power to you.) Two summers ago, pre-COVID, I was given a gorgeous pair of navy velvet Vibi Venezia slippers on a bachelorette trip. These elegant, comfortable shoes have become my saving grace, as they’re the only footwear option that seems to pull my WFH looks together and keep me comfortable at the same time. To top it off, the brand’s family-driven history and narrative is incredibly appealing too: Vibi Venezia was started by the chicest Venetian sisters, Vera and Viola Arrivabene, to celebrate the beauty and wonder of their hometown. Their designs are based on traditional Venetian furlanes. As Viola explains, “Wherever you might be when you put on your Vibi Laguna velvet slippers, you are immediately transported to a moment where you’re waiting for your martini to be prepared at Harry’s Bar.” She adds, “As merchants of Venice, we are always trying our best to deliver a bit of our beloved home all over the world.” The slippers are also priced just right, which is why I recently decided to treat myself to a second pair in ruby red. Vibi’s (as I’ve started to refer to them) look great with a jean, a summer dress, or a pretty caftan for your at-home date night. The shoes will also work well with an evening dress for the moment we all reemerge. The poppy colors give an instant surge of spirit too, and for me, it provides that return of dressing to thrill, even if I’m the only one admiring them.

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