Never underestimate an old man whith a His Truck shirt

How long before some asshole says women can’t own a gun because they can get hormonal Never underestimate an old man whith a His Truck shirt and can’t sometimes be emotionally unstable. Everybody deserves the right to protect themselves and who are you or anybody else to exclude them? If your afraid of getting shot…buy some ballistic protection. Don’t let people with a vested interest in a population that can’t fight them back, trick you into being so afraid you screw us all. Gun confiscation almost always leads to oppression and genocide which is why people only ever talk about Australia and the UK. You think mass shootings are scary. Ask a Holocaust survivor about being naked against armed men with no means of defense. My great grandfather owned a large plot of land in Mississippi when Black people couldn’t even vote.

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Never underestimate an old man whith a His Truck shirt

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To this day proud white supremacists practically ring my family land in swastikas and Confederate flags waving proudly from their homes. How do you think my family was able to hold that land for over a hundred years? They literally besieged our family home and only managed to burn us out by capturing a cousin and forcing his father to set a fire inside. There were no cops to save them in fact the sheriff was likely the one who captured my cousin. The only good guys with a gun were my ancestors and they used them to ensure that I exist to write this today. If you abhor the violence that’s fine and that good for you. But I was taught that Jesus said let he who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one. I wouldn’t exist without the Second Amendment and my ancestor’s ability to use it to preserve their life and property. We don’t live in a perfect world.


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