Kamala The First But Not The Last shirt

Kamala The First But Not The Last shirt


I did manage to win two gifts, a Kamala The First But Not The Last shirt of some suspense-mystery novel by a popular author a Sue Grafton book if I remember and another bag with a copy of home fashion magazine and a scented candle, matching shower gel/lotion set and some matching bar of luxurious bath soap. A store manager mentioned to the ladies that ‘there is a line-up and they’d have to wait their turn as indicated on the number with their ticket’ that everyone was handed with a gift bag with coupons and a bookmark as they came into the store. One of the middle-aged women snapped, ‘oh be quiet, look at how many copies we’re buying’. Maya Angelou, being the refined lady she was just sat at the table as news photographers and a cameraman from a local news channel stood close by as she looked at the women with wide eyes and finally snapped back saying,

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