Impeach 46 anti biden shirt not my president shirt

There has always been debate around what “French style” really entails, especially after Netflix’s Emily in Paris and the Impeach 46 anti biden shirt not my president shirt and I love this titular character’s divisive wardrobe. But we can agree that Pfeiffer nails the concept. The secret here? Pfeiffer wears a pair of jeans with an elevated top. It’s a tried-and-true French wardrobe trick, employed by Parisian icons Jane Birkin and Caroline de Maigret, as well as former Vogue stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. Who can forget when de Dudzeele put model Michaela Bercu in a bedazzled Christian Lacroix sweater and a pair of Guess jeans for Anna Wintour’s first issue of Vogue back in 1988? In short, next time you’re looking to emulate French style, reach for this combo—much better than a beret.

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