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Grieco has been working in the Jan 2021 Trump you’re fired shirt and I love this beauty industry for 18 years. Working for talent agencies in Los Angeles, she initially discovered a deep love for beauty while on set with actresses. In 2002, she founded Nyakio Beauty, inspired by her Kenyan Roots. “My grandmother taught me my first beauty secret, using Kenyan coffee beans and sugar cane rods that she grew on her farm as exfoliants, at eight years old. It really stuck with me,” Grieco remembers of her first visit to Kenya. When she approached her 20s, Grieco realized that “Africa was always very underrepresented within premium beauty. So I decided to leave my job and bottle my grandmother’s coffee scrubs.”

Jan 2021 Trump you're fired shirt

Nyakio Grieco

Jan 2021 Trump you're fired s Hoodie

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