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I had a friend spend a weekend with me. I had asked her not use the washer and dryer before my roommate and landlord were up and about for the day. I had to leave early for work on Monday morning so I couldn’t be around to make sure she didn’t wake up my roommate with the noise from the washer and dryer. When I got home from work and asked my roommate if my friend went by my request not to use the washer and dryer before she was up for the day. She told me that the washer and dryer were already going when she got up. I called and left my friend a voicemail message and told her she was no longer welcomed in my home and not to contact me ever again. There were several other incidents over the course of the weekend that led up to me being very mad at her. She had been very inconsiderate of my time and kept me waiting for her from the time she arrived and didn’t bother to call me or text message me to let me know her plans had changed or she was going to be late. We are no longer friends.

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So when we had kids they moved in. Early on, it was hard to say no since my work was very up & down at the time. I was thankful for the help – they actually are quite nice people and my MIL was an excellent cook – but there were several things that made it unworkable for me. One was that neither was comfortable driving in the US, so we constantly drove them wherever they needed. Linguistically, we could communicate but it was tough, so my wife was constantly translating. Another was that our house was tiny and just not designed for that many people.

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