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The first thing I would think of is a yeast infection of the skin Buffalo Bills Allen Diggs Mafia AFC East Champions shirt. Often these can be associated with the excessive licking of the paws secondary to allergies. There are other causes as well. I’m not completely sure what differences you are aiming at, but the differences that come up in my head are the following. The footpads of cats are usually much softer than that of dogs, however, this might depend on how often the cat is outside. I’ve never experienced cat paws to be dry and rough in my life, though. Dogs’ footpads are often slightly cracked and scratch the skin when touched. Also, the space between the footpads of cats are more visible than those of dogs; with dogs, the footpads are mostly touching, and to really feel and see the soft fur between the pads, you have to spread them ( this might depend on the dog breed, I’m imagining a regular-sized dog here ) With cat paws, you can even see the space between them.

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Another difference that stands out to me is that dogs seem to stand higher on the footpads; the pads being bigger, while cats’ paws are much ‘flatter’ on the ground. This might also explain the fact that the furry space between dogs’ footpads isn’t very visible. Some dogs, especially outside dogs or dogs that live in cold, hot, or dry places, get cracked and/or dry paw pads. These can be painful and lead to infection if bad enough. The lotion balms and help them heal. Others just like to do it because they want their dog to have silky smooth paws… Generally, though, it’s for the dog’s own good and they use dog safe substances. Protecting their paws is more critical when the dog is not an active outside dog – in the same way, those barefoot runners can do a marathon barefoot because they train to the environment – a dog well-traveled outside is likely to have tougher paws.

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