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In the beginning, I used booties (dog shoes) on top of the bandage Alex Gordon Kansas City Royals signature thank you for the memories shirt, but although the dogs weren’t concerned with the booties and I think they protected the foot a bit better, the dogs would loose them and it just got too expensive. I sit on the floor with all I need within close reach and put the dog on his back with his head towards me between my outstretched legs so that my legs keep him in place. I then can hold him still and have an easy reach to all his paws and can talk to him at the same time. (All my dogs are now so used to this that they settle in right away. They know treats will be coming. I put a small amount of really good cream that helps to heal (for human burn victims) on a bit of compress that I’ve cut to cover about double the size of the wound and press it against the wound.
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My dogs don’t care about the bandage at all and it can usually stay several days. I change it if it comes undone or gets too dirty or wet. If the weather is really crappy outside I may use (sacrifice) a bootie to help keep it clean a bit longer. I’ve been scratched, scathed, and even been nibbled by my playful pup. It’s pretty common for dogs to scratch people unknowingly while they are excited. Nothing to worry about. Make sure you train him to be a bit more careful around people. Esp around kids. From my experience, my lab doesn’t play with kids the same way he does with me and my family. He is pretty careful that way. The causes of dry paws in dogs may be various. A thorough investigation may be needed so to be able to exclude the triggering cause and initiate proper treatment.


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