Top shirts on Bombutee: Shop funny t-shirt in the USA on 2021/01/17

Citing some personal favorite looks from season 12, Zaldy references a red and black vinyl number from episode seven. “It’s like new and old RuPaul,” Zaldy says. “I’ve seen Dominatrix-type looks on RuPaul in the Top shirts on Bombutee: Shop funny t-shirt in the USA on 2021/01/17 besides I will buy this past, in the ’90s, but this was done in a different way, with ruffles and black vinyl on the back.” Another personal favorite of his was the pink, one-shouldered dress from episode one. “I loved Ru’s super long legs against that little hot pink sequin number.” While each episode has a runway theme that the competing queens must adhere to, dressing to the theme is not something Zaldy and RuPaul typically do. “Ru doesn’t have to adhere to any kind of rules,” Zaldy says. But occasionally, the duo will have fun with it. In episode three, the runway was bathing suit-themed, and Zaldy dressed Ru in a snakeskin one-piece. “For eight seasons, we never even showed RuPaul’s legs,” Zaldy says. “It was like a mini revolution.”

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