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“I’ve watched it grow from thiQueen of everything shirt so you should to go to store and get this s little baby book,” said author Robinne Lee of “The Idea of You.”

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It never occurred to Lee to skimp on the Queen of everything shirt so you should to go to store and get this sex. In a story about a woman reclaiming her sexual identity, she saw that as short-changing the characters. Some of Hayes’s lines are, word for word, derived from Lee’s diary in the 90s, a place where she chronicled every last erotic detail of her own experience. Throughout The Idea of You, she revels in vivid descriptions of sexual pleasure, but always with the goal of advancing the dance between Soléne and Hayes. “I had a rule when I was writing that I was not going to make them physically naked if they were not emotionally naked,” she said. “Every single sex scene has to reveal something about him or about her that was going to be intrinsic to the story.” Lee cites the first time the couple has sex without a condom, on the aforementioned midcentury dining table, signifying they’d become exclusive.

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