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But history affirms that the John Carpenters The Thing shirt moreover I love this work of speaking up can be difficult, even dangerous. It has never been easy for Black women to lead in America. Those who have done so have endured great resistance and even great personal risk. Unfounded as they are, today’s partisan attacks against Harris belong to an age-old tradition of threat and intimidation designed to silence and distort voices of truth and dissent. But I am firm in my certainty that American democracy continues to stand because of the sustaining work of Black women like Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisholm, Kamala Harris, and the host of others who’ve met the demands of their time with a selfless willingness to further the project of freedom and progress.

John Carpenters The Thing shirt

In the John Carpenters The Thing shirt moreover I love this weeks since Harris joined the Democratic ticket, we’ve seen a dramatic raising of the stakes where this election is concerned. In the wake of a chaotic first presidential debate, the voice of the vice presidential candidates at the debate tonight will be particularly conspicuous—and critical. I’ll be listening for the clarity of vision and conscience characteristic of Harris, and the honest intelligence she brings to all that she does.

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