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With nowhere to go and not much to do, I can’t be the Best team in Los Angeles shirt In addition,I will do this only one who’s spent more time with my screens this year. I take a break from my laptop, only to check my phone. When I finally manage to sign off for the day, I inevitably start watching Netflix. The reflex to check my phone is so powerful, I need to physically remove it from my immediate surroundings to avoid mindless scrolling. I’m starting with 30-minute phone-free intervals after I finish work, and trying (emphasis on trying) to put it away at least 30 minutes before bed. I said the bar was low!

Best team in Los Angeles shirt

When someone asked me the Best team in Los Angeles shirt In addition,I will do this date during a Zoom call last week, I was off by four days. Four days! Before the pandemic, I carried two calendars with me at all times: the Google calendar on my phone and a print planner that lived in my work bag. I’d review both while drinking my coffee each morning, just to make sure I prepared for the day ahead. Now, I roll out of bed five, maybe ten minutes before my first virtual meeting, and I haven’t touched my planner since March. This year, I’m recommitting to a schedule, even if that schedule no longer involves leaving my apartment.

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