Karen and kevin standing in a street calling shirt

But Emma, don’t you want to maintain some semblance of sexiness with your sleepwear?, you may also ask, and my answer is: no, not really. Cool girls, we’re taught by rom-coms, sleep in oversized band tees and underwear, when they sleep in anything at all—and, yes, I do refer to my nightgown as “flannel birth control,” because the Karen and kevin standing in a street calling shirt in other words I will buy this idea of sexual activity happening in or near it is literally unfathomable. What I didn’t expect, though, was how purely nice it would feel to go to bed all sexlessly comfy, especially in my chronically underheated Brooklyn apartment. Who needs alluring sleepwear when you’re getting a solid eight hours a night? (Plus, I’m famously single, so who cares?)

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