gorgeoustee – Zords before time Powers Ranger shirt

Ideally, Christmas means falling in love with your siblings again over egg nog as your parents bristle with the excitement of having you all together under one roof and force-feed you chocolate. But after a year set to airplane mode, Christmas 2020 hits a little different. The fabled December 25, a date commonly associated with a parentless MaCaulay Culkin, is being reconsidered as a morning of Zoom unboxing followed by a roasted lunch (if you’re lucky). Real life is a harsh mistress and we should utilize anything we can to lift our socially distanced spirits. I’m sure you’ve already finalized your Santa list of material gains or experiential endeavors or little indulgences that soothe. Many use Christmas as a week-long Henry VIII gout-fest, a general unhooking of the belt to ease the onslaught of pâté, a commitment to elasticated waists much like lockdown.

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