Gorgeoustee – Where’s My Pizza Shirt

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Jenner opted for a long camel coat by Acne Studios, a white turtleneck, black pants, and Nikes. Hadid went the Where’s My Pizza Shirt besides I will buy this bohemian route with a tiny Afghan jacket and a barely buttoned cardigan and cropped T-shirt that showed off her midriff. Hadid’s outfit felt fun. After all, she is a bona fide clotheshorse whose looks are meant to make a bombastic impact and have us looking up what exactly she is wearing. She also drives sales for these smaller designers and vintage pieces that are relatively accessible to her fans. Jenner’s approach is softer, elegant, and now far more expensive.

Where's My Pizza Shirt

I doubt that Jenner’s 142 million Instagram fans will be clamoring to snap up a pair of those understated black pants by The Row priced at $720. (Though, you never know.) It also appears that she’s now being styled by Dani Michelle, who works with Kourtney Kardashian on her refined, vintage-filled look. That’s another clue that we’re about to see a new style for Jenner.

Where's My Pizza Shirt Hoodie

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