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Today, Khan shares with Vogue a meditation on the 100 days smarter shirt Also,I will get this circumstances that allowed these horrific events to take place, as well as a path forward for activists. Importantly, Khan points out the lack of police presence at the Capitol this week, a fact that exposes, in their own words, “a clear double standard for how Black protestors have been treated over the past several years. What we know to be true is that there is a way that white rage is celebrated in this country and Black grief is criminalized.”

100 days smarter shirt

For Khan, the 100 days smarter shirt Also,I will get this response should be one that fully takes into account how we reached this point. “I’ve seen over and over again this idea that this is not America,” they add. “But my question is, what if it is? What if this is America? And what if the only way that we’re going to get through this thing is to actually name something [for] what it is. What if America is just as full of possibility as it is ugly, and the only way we get to decide which way it goes is if we actively weigh in?”

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