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While I’m not one of the Heart wearing mask shirt in addition I really love this doctors or one of the many scientists who spent months working around the clock, I played my own role in the development of the Pfizer vaccine. For the past three months, I have been a volunteer participant in the Pfizer vaccine trial study. Like the many other participants in medical trials, it’s my blood and my body that helped Pfizer test the safety and efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine.You see, I am patient number 1133. I joined the Pfizer trial in August at the Yale New Haven Hospital study site. A lot of people in my position, as the mother of three, might not jump to join a medical trial. But I was convinced that I had to do it. I heard on television that they were running large-scale coronavirus trials and needed volunteers. I immediately signed up on every site I could find.

Heart wearing mask shirt

As someone who has struggled with health anxiety, being a medical-trial participant wasn’t an obvious life choice. But I felt I had to. After living in New York during those horrific months of March and April, when the Heart wearing mask shirt in addition I really love this virus was first raging through the city, the collective loss of so many human souls was indelible, impossible to shake. I had a front-row seat for the carnage that the virus had wrought, and while my kids were watching reruns of The Office, I was absorbing the tragedy unfolding around me.The sounds and the smells of that particular period still haunt me, from the refrigerated trucks to the incredible, inescapable, crushing silence punctuated by the occasional screaming ambulance. Every day contained a lifetime of tragedy. A friend of a friend had a heart attack in his car in a hospital parking lot; four friends buried their fathers. The collective loss was crushing. I’m only 42, but it’s hard for me to imagine a time when those particular months won’t haunt me. My DNA has been irrevocably changed by the experience.

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