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Zannashirts – Among Us Orange is Sus vote him out shirt

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But even when it’s not literally December 25—the Among Us Orange is Sus vote him out shirt but in fact I love this day Little Women (2019) premiered last year to great fanfare—Christmassy magic infuses the entire film. The jubilant Alexandre Desplat score helps, along with crackling fires, fields of snow in Concord, Massachusetts, buoyant curly hair, houndstooth coats, frequent dance parties, and nonstop drama. Sure, The Family Stone is cool, but nothing beats your bitchy little sister lighting your novel in progress on fire, then later taking your place as your rich aunt’s companion to Paris, where she proceeds to get with the beautiful man whose proposal you just turned down. I’m willing to forgive the presence of Better Call Saul, because the casting of said rich aunt—Meryl Streep as Aunt March—never, ever gets old, and I’ve seen this movie three times now. (What is Christmastime without a salty aunt who tells you everything you don’t want to hear?)

Among Us Orange is Sus vote him out shirt

Aunt March is the Among Us Orange is Sus vote him out shirt but in fact I love this only woman in two hours and 15 minutes who can resist Chalamet as Laurie, who demands to be discussed, as a focal, if controversial, point of Little Women 2019’s charms. Some may say he’s too skinny, too boyish, and baby-faced for the role. I maintain that he, his feathery hair and Statue of David features, and, most of all, his fervency on that hill (you know the one), defeatedly declaring, “I love you, Jo,” is every bit as noble as generations of readers could have dreamed Laurie to be—a holiday gift that keeps giving. The internet’s boyfriend brings true thespian-cred to the role, and, as my brother enthused in the theater last year, “Nobody wears a blouse like Timothée Chalamet.”

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