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Soon about 50 % of newly sold cars are electric, and Tesla is very popular here. Average wages are between 500 000 and one million NOK a year, now that is between 50 and 100 000 dollars, but ordinarily, one dollar is worth five NOK, but now it is worth 10 NOK. Already more women attend college than men and a lot more women attend grad school than menWe’ve had male PMS and a brutal female pm and now we’ve got a vegetable. And sandwiches for everyone, Oh you scared, scared, threatened little men and you actually think your bullying comments impact us These are progressive women.

Cleveland Browns America's new team s ladies-tee


Now sit back and watch as the Cleveland Browns America’s new team shirt also I will do this DNC tries to dump Bernie and disparage women like AOC at every turn. There are no diapers, no medicine, nothing left for a family to have a decent living. Silvia Daniela Lozano Aguirre is communism and unfortunately, the democratic party of today wants to do it in the US. Look at Canada, Denmark New Zealand all Social Democracies that could teach the USA a thing or two. Socialism is not communism you walnut Do some research Maybe you need some of that free education so you know the difference between communism and democratic socialism. When China faced a similar situation it instituted the one-child policy and the world condemned China.

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