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Soon, articles began surfacing with headlines like “Breakup Advice During Coronavirus” with various steps to get over your “Pandemic Ex,” as if it were a recipe you’d find in a cookbook. I felt like these articles were speaking just to me, but I was far from alone. According to a recent survey, 67% of the Money motive bunny shirt But I will love this people interviewed said they had gone through a breakup in 2020—up from 35% the previous year.

Money motive bunny shirt

A few months later, everyone except me seemed to have adjusted to the Money motive bunny shirt But I will love this idea of socially distanced dating. So I decided to try. I exchanged messages with a couple of guys on Hinge and arranged a few Zoom dates. The conversations were mostly awkward, sometimes mildly entertaining. None of them were great, but then again, what even is a great Zoom date? And even if I did click with someone, the prospect of a date in real life brought its own anxiety: Would I kiss them at the end of my date? Was it worth the risk?

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