Official Yes I am old but I saw Gun’s Roses on stage signatures shirt

“Transition from screen time by doing something that is more tactile and sensory focused such as cooking, exercise, stretching, knitting, painting, taking a bath, and listening to music,” Kempf recommends. “Understand that you can’t give to others if your cup is full and you’re at capacity. Many of us don’t want to engage in Zoom parties or long phone calls after a long day of virtual meetings and email/text exchanges with colleagues. That’s ok! Check in with yourself about how 2020 is really impacting you, and see if you have been minimizing the Official Yes I am old but I saw Gun’s Roses on stage signatures shirt but in fact I love this impact of this year. Allow your identity and role in relationships—people pleasers this is for you—to shift and see how that feels,” she says. It’s okay to say “no” more, take breaks, and set boundaries. Kempf recognizes that drawing a line isn’t always easy: “If it feels right to set a boundary but it causes anxiety, engage in some practices that are calming, (deep breathing, stretching) or releasing, (crying, journaling), or self-soothing (guided visualization, butterfly hug) and say NO anyway.”

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