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I will say I’ve seen much less of this behavior now that brides Mi Vida Loca girls it ain’t easy shirt and grooms are waiting until they’re older to get married and are often paying for a good part of the event themselves. Interestingly enough, my neighbor across the street was on just such a show. Her cake won, and she put a new roof on her house. She is a truly fun person. When the cake baking was going on, her cake started falling apart once she got to the icing stage. She carried on and did the best she could but then patted shredded coconut all over the cake to disguise the damage. Both sentences are correct structurally. Their meanings are different. You must determine what the time frame of the cake ordering is.

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It really depends on the cake. Some batters are very wet, almost like pancake batter, while others are much thicker, and need to be spread with a spatula. If you have a question about a specific recipe, post a link and someone will give you a much better answer. I think this is just barely grammatical. “He is eating” is present-progressive verb tense, but “tomorrow” implies a future tense. The sentence is a little ambiguous, and a good editor would likely recommend that you rewrite the sentence. You could say, “He will be eating the cake tomorrow,” which is less ambiguous. You could say, “He will eat the cake tomorrow,” which is even less ambiguous. Or you could say, “He plans to eat the cake tomorrow.” After all, who knows what the future holds?

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