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In terms of deciding between shelf-stable and refrigerated probiotic supplements, it’s ultimately a matter of lifestyle. “Refrigeration reduces the Numbers Game T-Shirt and I will buy this decay of the product over time and helps it maintain its potency for longer,” explains Pedre. “If you’re not as consistent when taking probiotics, then it’s probably better to have one that’s refrigerated.” But if you know daily follow-through won’t be an issue, blister-packed, shelf-stable supplements used within the expiration date are fine. Lastly, when it comes down to choosing a brand, Pedre suggests researching how reliable a brand and where their materials originate from (an organic agriculture source is ideal), as well as if there have been any consumer reports that have called their integrity into question. In addition to his own Happy Gut Life line, Pedre also recommends probiotic offerings from and Garden of Life to his patients for their high quality and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Numbers Game T-Shirt

As rewarding as taking a probiotic can be, it’s only one piece of the Numbers Game T-Shirt and I will buy this puzzle. “If you’re eating a lot of unhealthy comfort foods, out drinking every night, and not getting enough sleep, taking a probiotic isn’t then protecting you from the damage that causes,” says Pedre, stressing that a healthy diet, daily exercise, and eight hours of sleep are essential to the bigger picture of gut health. To recalibrate your diet to enrich microflora diversity, adding probiotic-rich foods is great start. Lipman’s go-tos include kimchi, sauerkraut, fermented miso and vegetables, and full-fat coconut yogurt.

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