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That’s where the David choe shirt so you should to go to store and get this nonprofit ROAR comes in. Its goal? To advocate for relief opportunities for New York restaurants on a government level. “We need a restructuring plan,” says ROAR founder Camilla Marcus, who closed her restaurant, Westbourne, in September. “We’ve never had a seat at the table for policy. We’ve never been considered in lawmakers’ minds as the large employment force that we are and the beacons that we are for all of our communities.” Right now, ROAR is fighting for the service industry to be part of the current federal relief bill that’s being introduced in Congress.

David choe shirt

So how can you help? “Call your representatives—I promise it actually makes a difference,” says Marcus. “Think about how much joy was sparked by a server who took care of you on your birthday, or a bartender that helped you on a hard day, or a meal that you count on every Sunday. We all need to be part of the David choe shirt so you should to go to store and get this solution. We need to push lawmakers to start to care.”

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