gorgeoustee – Yes I Know I Am On Fire Let Me Finish This Weld And I Will Put It Out Shirt

In crafting the look and feel of the collection, a major jumping-off point for Nars was Claudette’s flair for Yves Saint Laurent; she was among the French working women who adopted the Rive Gauche look, wearing a rotation of fluid dresses, billowy blouses, and structured suits in warm jewel tones and metallics. “I was always elegant, and in all humility, I had a bit of taste,” admits Claudette herself. “I wore very little makeup: my eyes lightly done, a touch of blush, some lip gloss,” she explains. “I used to tell François all the time, ‘Don’t put on too much!’” In that spirit, the Claudette collection strikes a sweet spot between the mood of the ’70s—think vintage-inspired shades—and feeling modern and wearable enough for a woman of any age today.

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