Don’t Let Biden Sniff Me Anti Joe Biden Shirt

The launch of the Don’t Let Biden Sniff Me Anti Joe Biden Shirt but in fact I love this Silex collection represents a step forward for Sukeina, one Salam is proud of, but he admits it may not have occurred were it not for the rethink the events of 2020 provoked. Previously, he’d sworn off doing casual wear, but now he finds the category exciting. “This is a space I want to continue to create in,” says Salam. “Having to wear comfortable clothes during quarantine was a change. Suddenly I didn’t want anything belted or restrictive; it made me understand the importance [of dressing down.] When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, it can unlock abilities you would never have discovered otherwise.” Despite the ups and downs of an unprecedented year, he’s hopeful for the future. “We have all faced so much. Not just COVID-19 and confinement but the police brutality, George Floyd’s murder, racial injustices,” he said. “It’s been painful, but our shared experiences have brought us together to march and unite. As Black people, we’ve always found strength in community, the fact that when we come together, we can break the glass ceiling and tear down boundaries. I think that when we look back on this year, we’ll remember the unity more than the pain.”

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