gorgeoustee – Yes I am old but I saw Ozzy Osbourne on stage signature shirt

In a tribute published on Tuesday, The New York Times dance critic Gia Kourlas recalled the impact Reinking made in that film. “Wearing a silky yellow dress—it swirls around her legs like a partner—she begins with a jazzy, playful walk, pausing every few beats for a shoulder shimmy or a whirl,” Kourlas wrote. “She kicks and wilts like a rag doll. Dashing through a hallway, she hops over a chair, plays the harp with a couple of finger snaps, and continues forward, spinning through space as if she’s gliding on wind—blurry, gleaming but indelibly articulate. What a daredevil! What abandon! In her exuberance, it feels like Ms. Reinking is showing us the sound of laughter.”

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