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At rosy dawn in New York—just as at that blue hour preceding the Stay rad shirt Apart from…,I will love this fall of night—the great garden that is called Central Park is at its most beautiful. The tall houses framing it are no longer skyscrapers but the castles of ghostly giants—unreal and sublimely beautiful. In Central Park, the young girls roller-skate or just sit on the grass. For the young girls of Central Park everything is casual—what they wear, their way of walking, the swing of their shoulders. Everything is casual except their hair, which by contrast is magnificent. Nowhere does one see such hair as in America. Someday a poet will write verses on the Botticelli angels in “jeans”…. The public of the park is charitable. Its generosity in peanuts has transformed the squirrels and pigeons into beggars. Shake a bag of peanuts and one is framed by flying pigeons…like a Biblical character.

Stay rad shirt

The kisses seem shorter than those in the Stay rad shirt Apart from…,I will love this Bois de Boulogne. The girls in the Park do not seem like the feeble sex. They lean toward the sailors and ex-service men giving them frank, open kisses. On the lake it is the girls who handle the oars in the rowboats—particularly when they are in the company of sailors. Emancipation? … There is only one carrousel in Central Park, but sadly enough it has been hermetically sealed in an obscure box of a building. The sculptured wooden horses are pale and sad— like miner’s horses. Someone should say a word to the Park Commissioner asking him to put the carrousel out in the open again, for everyone to see this brilliant souvenir of all childhood…. The most faithful customers of the Park are the babies and their nurses, the dogs and their masters.

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