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Here’s the same. It’s a way to protect our heart which is very sensitive The Washington Redskins 2020 NFC East Division Champions signatures shirt and it will get devasted if we start taking everything deeply. It’s not any disease. It happens when we create our own world to live in peace. Sometimes it’s a very good thing. But sometimes your this attitude may bring misunderstandings to your closer ones that you don’t care for them. You do, I know but it’s not visible to them. But deep down you are the only one who cares the most. Nothing is wrong with it. But slight modification is required. Try artificial care for a couple of months. Artificial care means to act as if you care a lot. Practice artificial care (means try to show off) and affection for your family.

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The Washington Redskins 2020 NFC East Division Champions signatures shirt

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Gradually it will start coming to you naturally. At first, you will find it kind of disturbing but in that duration of acting your sensitivity towards them will go green again and you will realize its own kind of beauty. Last but not the least, you are absolutely fine and great and nothing is wrong with you. Just bring that modification with practice I assure you will live the most peaceful life because you have somewhat detached yourself from the noises of the world and what can be more beautiful than this. To be honest, the heart will find it really difficult to be vulnerable again, to be able to trust again, to be able to speak freely without holding back again, without being open again, without being able to express everything you think again. It is when your presence is not acknowledged and your absence is not felt. It is when you feel that void in yourself and missing the one who you used to be. The best thing we can do is to grow through pain and grow through that pain. Eventually, we all will be much stronger emotionally.


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