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Despite nursing mothers being excluded from Pfizer’s clinical trials, the Official teach peace tpeache shirt moreover I love this Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine released a statement yesterday stating that, for individuals who are vaccinated against COVID-19, they do not recommend the cessation of breastfeeding. According to Fradin, there is no reason to suspect the vaccine would be unsafe for those who are breastfeeding. “There is no component of this vaccine which poses a particular concern, nor is it a live vaccine that will replicate or spread significantly beyond locally at the injection site where it will generate spike protein,” she says. The ABM’s statement underscores that it is unlikely that the vaccine lipid would enter the bloodstream and reach breast tissue, and if it did, it would be even less likely that the intact nanoparticle or mRNA would transfer into milk. Fradin adds that the protection from the vaccine will likely extend to the nursing infant as well. “We know from experiences with other illnesses that vaccinating the caregivers and parents protects the children and infant from exposure to the virus, so this cocooning is an indirect benefit to consider.”

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