Official I’m sweet but don’t get me twisted cuz I will throw cans shirt

“Kacey and I are sort of like runaways,” Sivan explains of the Official I’m sweet but don’t get me twisted cuz I will throw cans shirt moreover I love this video’s concept, which finds him and Musgraves on the run—vrooming down highways in old cars, box-dyeing hair in motel bathrooms, and going to melodramatic drag shows. “We’ve separately had our own experiences…regrets, scorning our lovers…and we find solace in each other.” While discussing his character with Bardia Zeinali, a mullet “just kind of makes sense aesthetically in my mind,” says Sivan. And thanks to French editorial hairstylist Charlie Le Mindu, Sivan’s lack of length on set of the music video was no problem. After Sivan sent Le Mindu an inspiration photo, the pro prepped glue-in hair extensions to match the singer’s brunette lengths, adding a tint of green to drive home the “DIY punk” effect. Sivan reveals that while he toyed with the idea of bleaching his hair and having his mullet be platinum, he decided against it because he wanted to steer clear of any associations with one infamous cat-loving antihero. “When I told my sister, she was like, ‘Oh, Tiger King!’, so then I was like no bleach!” says Sivan. “I mean, it’s fine and cool, but not the vibe. We wanted to avoid going into Joe Exotic territory.”

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