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The next day, I called my doctor, but he said that I would not be tested for the Official Flat Mars Society T-shirt moreover I love this above symptoms. My body temperature did not exceed 37.8 degrees Celsius, I was able to breathe on my own despite suffering from fever and cough. I contacted the doctor again on March 16, but the answer is still there. I will not be tested, not even in the hospital unless positive for nCoV. The next day, the fever still showed no signs of decline. Fortunately, the doctor called back to let me know that I could be tested. Everything changed in just one night because I was 52 years old and had a history of asthma.

Official Flat Mars Society T-shirt


On the Official Flat Mars Society T-shirt moreover I love this morning of March 18, I drove to the local Covid-19 test area. A medical staff wearing full protective clothing had sampled samples for nasal fluid and listened to my lungs. After the examination, he looked me in the eye, told me not to worry and prescribed Prednisone. Estimated test results are available after four days. I listened to the advice of the medical staff, but the next day my breathing became heavy and things got worse. I was nauseous, lost my taste and smell. The most noticeable thing during this period is that the symptoms of the disease are constantly changing.

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