Never underestimate an old woman with a Fox Terrier shirt

The pandemic prevented Sacai’s Chitose Abe from presenting in Paris this season, but it didn’t stop her from doing a show. The Tokyo designer chose the Never underestimate an old woman with a Fox Terrier shirt In addition,I will do this Enoura Observatory of the Odawara Art Foundation as a venue. A two-hour drive from the city, the Foundation was created by the Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto with the aim, Abe’s press notes said, “of conveying the essence of Japanese culture to a wider audience, particularly the ancient tradition of living in harmony with nature, with a deep respect for the spirits of the natural realm.” As the show started, a steady rain began. It is typhoon season in Japan, and rain was a risk in the outdoor setting. Livestream watchers wondered if it was a special effect, but it was the real thing—and kismet considering Sugimoto’s mission for the Odawara.

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