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“Think on what you love to drink, and what you’d love to showcase to your friends, and work from there,” he says. “If you like Martinis, invest in some fine, small ones. A compete can set the Insecurity Guard Shirt but in fact I love this feel of a drink just right, and nosing glasses are better for neat spirits than a rocks glass.” Want to really impress your friends or coworkers on Zoom? Having finishing-touch ingredients stocked on your bar cart will bring any cocktail to new heights.

Insecurity Guard Shirt


“Quality makes all the Insecurity Guard Shirt but in fact I love this difference here, so invest in the ones you love,” Chetiyawardana says. “Some good staples are Angostura bitters, Regans Orange Bitters, Peychaud bitters, a dry and sweet vermouth (store in the fridge, and decant into small bottles with little air/headspace), Campari, Luxardo or Fabbri cherries, unwaxed citrus, and quality olives in brine.” He suggests keeping these ingredients in small containers and out of the light or in the fridge—then, when it’s happy hour time, transferring them to the cart. Final touches like a reusable straw or decorative swizzle sticks will then have your cocktails ready to dazzle.

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