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As ever-smarter and smaller technology transforms the Champagne breakfast of Champions shirt and I will buy this way we live, innovation naturally translates to beauty routines, too, with an ever-improving field of clever facial tools joining classic devices (hello, gua sha) to transform our skin—no trip to the dermatologist’s office required. From a collagen-producing microneedling tool to a powerful bacteria-fighting light and many in between, here, 16 of the best beauty tools that prove the future of beauty is only getting brighter. Mimic the hands of Hollywood’s most in-demand facialists with these sculpting tools that contour cheekbones, lift jawlines, and massage heavy eyebrows. Jillian Dempsey’s vibrating tool relaxes tense muscles for a smoother appearance, while celebrity esthetician Joanna Czech’s aluminum crafted massager boosts circulation and Nurse Jamie’s lifting roller allows creams to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Champagne breakfast of Champions shirt


Long hailed for their powerful results, LED lights treat a range of skincare issues in 10 minutes or less a day. Blue light decreases acne flare-ups, red stimulates the Champagne breakfast of Champions shirt and I will buy this skin’s production of collagen and helps reduce hyperpigmentation, while yellow decreases inflammation and can even soothe sore muscles. Dr. Dennis Gross delivers similarly potent benefits with a hands-free mask made for Netflix-ing marathons, while New York City dermatologist Ellen Marmur has created a line of targeted sheet masks that become that much more potent when worn in conjunction with her new state-of-the-art light machine.

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