Flat Mars Society Shirt

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“I love the Flat Mars Society Shirt and by the same token and way that they can be worn because they really were created to be able to be worn slouched or to be pulled up and cinched high waisted. That was obviously very intentional in the design process.” As much as you’ll want to try out these clothes—with the hope that they can make you as powerful as these four women—the founders of Re-Inc stress that their message goes beyond color schemes and seams. “As Megan mentioned, it’s not just cool clothes on cool people,” Press says. “It’s actually a symbol of a better future.

Flat Mars Society Shirt


When I get up and I put on my BW capsule, I’m thinking about how I’m going to try to make the Flat Mars Society Shirt and by the same token and world closer to what it needs to be and how we can be positive change-makers. This is the uniform for that. Yes, it’s comfy and it’s great to work from home, but I hope that at this moment, now more than ever, we can just be a reminder to our community every morning when you get up and you get dressed that we’re here for a reason and all we can do is our best. But if everybody does that, that’s enough, and collectively we will continue to get better and to heal and hopefully the world’s left in a better place.”

Flat Mars Society Shirt Hoodie

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